Welcome to the The Travelling Builder.  As tradesmen and builders we have built and continue to build and shape our cities, towns and countries.

As I travel around the world, I am meeting up with builders and tradesmen alike and checking out what everyone is up too.

Come along and checkout what we are all building.

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Hutchinson Builders dominating Brisbane’s skyline

Hutchinson Builders or more affectionately known as Hutchies, have capitalised on the building boom that is taking place in Brisbane, Australia.  For the last few years, the skyline of Brisbane has been littered with tower cranes completing in this current round of high-rise construction. On any given day, no matter which direction that you look, …

3D printing is not the death of construction, we are!

See the problem is not that the construction industry is archaic or 3D printing technology. The fundamentals, which are grounded in science, will never change. Let’s look at the advances over time. We started with wood, then moved to stone. Now we use concrete and steel. What’s the difference? Not much really. The fundamentals are …


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