Hi, I’m Matt The Travelling Builder. What I’m doing is travelling around, meeting the different people of the construction industry.

I’m a builder and have been in the industry for 15 or so years. I always have been interested in what people were up to in the industry throughout my career. So, here we are with The Travelling Builder, I’m doing precisely that, travelling the world meeting people in the industry and sharing their stories.

I am going to say a couple of things about the website in itself. You will not find any negativity relating to the construction industry or anything for that matter. Mainstream media cover the negativity all the time; we do not need another media outlet doing that same thing.

Also, I’m not interested in teaching mums and dads, and DIYer’s how to build or anything of that nature. Sure, we all might pick up a few pointers along the way from different people we meet. But ultimately The Travelling Builder is just sharing peoples stories that are in the construction industry.

With that being said, come on, let’s go and meet some people.