Asian Hercules III and Vattenfall’s EOWDC, huh?

Asian Hercules III at sea
Image by Vattenfall

Do you want to lift something heavy? Maybe you are looking to build an offshore wind farm? Well, you are in luck, the infamous Asian Lift company based in Singapore can help.

The Swedish power company Vattenfall has been working hard to develop and construct their European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC).

EOWDC location in Aberdeen BayTo summarise, the EOWDC wind farm is not cheap, to a tune of AUD 0.5 billion. Located around three kilometres off the coast of Scotland in Aberdeen Bay. EOWDC will be able to supply 23% of Aberdeen’s total power demand. The EOWDC is effectively a testing ground for the next generation of offshore wind farm technologies.

How big is Asian Hercules III?

And this is where the Asian Lift company comes in with their Asian Hercules III floating crane. Asian Hercules III is massive at 25 000 tonnes and has a lifting capacity of 5 000 tonnes. Making the floating crane perfect for Vattenfall’s EOWDC as the foundations are 77 meters tall and weigh in at 1,800 tonnes. For perspective that makes each of the eleven foundations weigh around the same weight as ten Boeing 747 jumbo jets.


Asian Hercules III lift chart
Image screen grab copyright Asian Lift

Some of the notable specs of this floating crane are; it has a maximum reach of 120m and is still able to lift a hefty 550 tonnes. Under full load, luffing might take a while as the luffing speed is 1m per minute. And hoisting is 2m per minute at full lifting capacity, so time best be on your side.


For the full specs and lifting chart, I have attached a copy of their information sheet.

Asian Hercules III is an ocean-going vessel that can accommodate up to 45 crew members. I am sure this will come into play while on assignment for the next four to six months in Aberdeen Bay region.

And for those that would like to track Asian Hercules III movements you can by heading over to

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