Bazzana Tiling, reaching that elusive work life balance

Tile floor, tile walls, tiles around windowFor the last few weeks, I have been working with a mate on the extension of their home at Byron Bay, Australia. While working there, I had the opportunity to meet Dean from Bazzana Tiling. Dean is a boutique tiler from Ballina.

Over the week Dean was tiling the bathroom, and we got chatting as you do, and I got to find out a little bit about this family man.

Dean from Bazzana Tiling past time

The thing that I love about this industry, just about everyone is open for a chat and where the conversation ends up, is always a surprise.
As we chatted away over a few days, I got to learn about how he loves to do archery in his spare time. So much so that he brought in the bow to show us all.

Bazzana tiling archery bow sightAs much as we would have loved to have seen the bow in action, Dean restraint himself from letting off a few rounds. It was good to see his passion and excitement show through as he was telling how to use the bow. Not to mention how he and some friends do 3D archery tournaments (fake hunting for lack of a better description). And the excitement as he went through the rules that ultimately make the tournament all about the skill of the archer.

Stepping away from project builders

Chatting away, Dean used to work for project builders as his bread and butter. As we all have experienced from time to time, the work had got to the point where frustrations became too much. Working the six sometimes seven days a week, long hours and missing the family, he took the significant step into working directly for the homeowner/client.

I figured I would ask how working direct for the homeowner has been working out?

Dean said the most significant positive is he gets to spend time with the family. He has the opportunity to get home at a sensible hour and have his weekends back. Something that we all miss when that time is not there.

According to Dean that is one of the benefits of finding his spot in the market. He gets the time to do the work the way he wants to, without the pressure of having to work back due to builders time constraints.

Bazzana Tiling tile trim mitre, detailed tiling work One of the things I noticed about his work, was his attention to detail. Check out the mitre on the aluminium trims. Not sure how many tilers carry a drop saw with them, but Dean does. Did you notice that the tiny little piece of tile in the corner? Yep, I thought the same when I saw it too.

I will leave you with this thought, Dean doesn’t want hundreds of employees, loves to do the work to a standard that he is happy with, one that he would do in his own home. Here is one man that has found his balance, one where he can sleep at night, spend time where it matters most to him. Isn’t that what we all striving for?

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