Everest Base Camp – The buildings along the way

The  Mt Everest Base Camp Trek has a great glimpse into the buildings of the Himalayas.  The biggest thing to keep in mind when looking through the photos, all the building materials have been carried by hand.  I mean, someone carried the building materials on their back for days to get them to construction site.

Namche bazar nepal, namche bazar new house, namche bazar new roof installed
After a week of trekking we came back to a new roof on the house in Namche Bazar.
Namche bazar nepal, namche bazar new house, namche bazar new roof
New house in Namche Bazar new roof framing getting built.
Namche bazar nepal, namche bazar high rise, the travelling builder
To put this building into prospective, most of the material to build this building where carried by porters. They walk for two days to get it here, one part of the trip has an 800m rise that takes 4hours to walk.
Khumjung bridge, khumjung bridge collapse
A landslide late at night caused the Khumjung bridge to collapse. Lucky no one was hurt.
Khumjung new bridge, khumjung temporary bridge, khumjung nepal
After the Khumjung bridge collapsed, the locals built a new temporary bridge.
Khumjung hydro power station, khumjung hydro power
Dotted along the trek, little hydro power stations can be found. This one can be found at Khumjung.
Khumjung hydro power turbine, khumjung hydro power, khumjung power
Looking inside one of the Khumjung hydro power stations. Not much to see, but it works well.