Nicholson Builders and business since April

Nicholson Builders and Brother Pablo
Nicholson Builders office

Matt: Hello I am here with Heath from Nicholson Builders, it feels odd to introduce myself, because we have been talking for the last what 20 or 30 minutes.

Heath: More like an hour.

Matt: [Surprised] Right. Heath, you have been on Martin Holsinger’s podcast, Protractor Podcast.

Heath: Yes.

Matt: The podcast was back in April, and the podcast went into your past in depth. With that, I’m not going to go too much into your history, aside from your 27 years old and you now have ten employees.

How Nicholson Builders has changed since April

Heath: We currently have 12 employees.

Matt: I recommend that everyone takes some time and have a listen to Martin’s podcast. Let’s talk about how business has been after the podcast in April.

Heath: I think in the podcast I was talking about the issues surrounding cash flow and all the standard problems that come with running a business.

Heath: Not long after the podcast, I bounced back and was going great. We are now in a position where we have grown another few levels. We have more staff; more overheads, and we are back in a similar situation. It all seems to be a pattern that occurs in business, so we are used to it now. Never the less, everything is still the same, except that we are doing a lot more work, with approximately 15 to 20 jobs on the go at the moment.

We are continually moving our guys around, as well chasing more good builders and contractors. As you know, finding the right people is one of the hardest things with running a construction business. However, everything is all going well.

Heath’s other business venture, Brother Pablo

Brother Pablo coffee shop

Matt: How is the coffee shop (Brother Pablo) working out? Back in April you were halfway through setting up the store and started roasting your own coffee beans.

Heath: Yeah good, it is turning out a lot different to how I thought it would turn out. The coffee shop is very successful, we are about to start the wine bar side of the business. We are applying for a liquor license, and that is a living nightmare.

Matt: In my days as a site manager, a lot of the tradesmen had had enough of their respective trades. They would throw around the comment that they should go and start a coffee shop, something nice and easy. What do you say to that?

Heath: [Laughs] I am thinking the same thing at the moment.

I love running a construction business, it’s good money, good fun, challenging and there is always a lot going on. We get to meet a lot of people and do some cool jobs. Like most of the guys out there, it is the stress, the liability, the risk that adds up, especially when you start getting to this level. You begin to question where does it all end. You start waiting for it to all fall over or something bad to happen because it’s so likely that it will.

I have learnt to live with the stress, so it’s not too bad. I have more days than not wondering why I am doing this when I could go and work in my coffee shop. Maybe I should move to Queensland and open a coffee shop on the beach. It’s definitely a valid thought when you’re in this position.

Would you start Nicholson Builders all over again?

Matt: If you were to do it again, would you do it all again?

Heath: Yep, I think I would, just for the fact that it has all got me to where I am today.

It’s helped establish my family and our home. We have built a few homes because we can build them cheaper to help create our asset base. I mean the only reason we could afford the coffee shop was because we had equity in our home. The business has helped me learn and grow as a business owner and as a person, but also how to manage money.

Especially the stress that comes with managing millions of dollars. There aren’t too many businesses you can start at the age of 23 and handle millions of dollars. So I think I would do it all again to gain the knowledge and everything that has come from the business.

Nicholson Builders winning awards

Heath and wife with master Builders trophy

Matt: What has been your proudest achievement to date?

Heath: My proudest achievement would have to be the Master Builders award we just won. The award took me by surprise, especially the fact that it was my first home I have ever built. It was our family home.

Matt: [Looking at the camera] Master builders is a national building association here in Australia.

Heath: I felt away out of my league being up on stage making a speech, and receiving the award. That was a considerable achievement; I loved it.

Matt: What is happening with Shepparton’s Chamber of Commerce?

Heath: I have been to a few charity events lately and with my business dealings around town. I have come up on the radar of a few people in the council, and they invited me along to see if I was interested in the Chamber of Commerce. So I just sat in my first Chamber of Commerce board meeting yesterday.

It was pretty cool to watch how they work and the input they have in the community and council. These guys are nudging and keeping council accountable for what they’re doing and how they’re looking after small business in the area. So, being a business owner in Shepparton, and the frustrations I have with the council, it is a perfect opportunity being on the board.

That elusive work-life balance

Nicholson Builders award winning home

Matt: You are a big family man, how does the business allow for family time?

Heath: It doesn’t.
It’s hard. Look, I never advise anybody on work-life balance because I just don’t think there is a set formula.

Matt: Now that you employ a construction manager and a sales team is that allowing you to step back?

Heath: They are absolutely allowing me to step back, and that’s the plan to get the business to a point where I can stand back. Not necessarily be able to walk away entirely but where I can sit back, sell or whatever I want. To do that I’ve got the team and a system in place that it can run without me. So that plan allows me to spend more time with the family.

Instagram and the team

Matt: Do you use Instagram live or stories?

Heath: Mostly stories.

Matt: And you have your supervisors walking around the different job sites recording about the various projects. How was the request to start recording stories received by the guys on site?

Nicholson Builders team

Heath: Yeah, all I can say is that they’re all still nervous about recording the stories. I think some of them secretly love it. You can probably tell from some of the videos they can get a bit weird, but they know that it’s something that I’m implementing and it just needs to happen. It’s documenting what we do, and I can’t get to all the jobs all the time, so I have asked my boys to do it. And they’re excellent about it.

They need constant reminding because they don’t take it upon themselves and think, “I am going to film this today” and do it. It’s only when I remind them too that they do the stories.

Matt: One of your Instagram videos you are flying a drone from your front door over to a job site. Did the boys notice the drone? And did you receive a phone call afterwards?

Heath: They saw it coming, and in the video, you can see them poking their level and throwing nails at the drone. They knew straight away who it was.

Matt: Thank you, Heath, it was great to meet you.


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