The Travelling Builder Show

Be my guest for the week on The Travelling Builder Show and tell your story to an audience of interested construction professionals as well as people drawn to our industry.  This is completely free (aka, no cost to you) to be a part of the show.

That’s right, free publicity!

Take this opportunity to share what you are doing with your audience. You can leverage on our audience too. We will post this on our YouTube Channel and you can share as much as you like! We will feature the same video in our website, complete with all your links and contact details.

Our Show Production Process

  1. Leave your name in the contact form
  2. Tell us your location
  3. Leave your contact detials
  4. I will get in touch with you ASAP
  5. Then sort out the details of the show

My next stops

Australia – Brisbane  (1st January to 1st February)

New Zealand – Early 2018